Corporate Unionism

If union members want to maintain their rights for the dues they pay into their labor organization, they will have to be aware of the symptoms of corporate unionism and learn how to fight it. What Is Corporate Unionism?

If labor leaders act as though they own the union and can do as they please with it, that’s corporate unionism.

If they can spend the union’s money freely on whatever they choose without the approval of the membership or the obligation to issue a financial report, that’s corporate unionism.

If they control negotiations with employers and make decisions about the terms of a contract, while denying any input from their members or allowing discussion and a fair vote on the final settlement, that’s corporate unionism.

If they suppress all criticism of their policies and actions and allow no voice for members with dissenting opinions, that’s corporate unionism

If they become remote and inaccessible to their union members and develop life-styles and attitudes that are closer to that of the employers, that’s corporate unionism.

And if their prime objective is to get elected and re-elected until they are ready to retire, without developing new leaders that are capable of fighting for the needs of the members, that’s corporate unionism

In the developing corporate culture, a union is only as strong as its leaders, not its members.



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