Interest-Based Problem Solving

Interest-Based Problem Solving is an issue-resolution process that addresses individual and group differences in a problem-solving environment. Participants work together to solve a problem through the sharing of information.

Consensus Decision-Making:

Everyone discusses the issues so that the group benefits from the knowledge and experience of all its members. Everyone in the group is heard.There is open discussion and sharing of information. Every member of the group can live with and support the decision, even though it may not be their first choice. The consensus can be tested.

Model Behaviors:

  1. Don’t agree too quickly.
  2. Share information and ideas.
  3. Listen to others.
  4. Be open to the ideas of others.
  5. Offer alternatives.
  6. Don’t trade or bargain.
  7. Don’t vote.
  8. Treat differences as strengths.
  9. Create a solution that everyone actively supports.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Has everyone been heard?
  2. Can everyone live with the decision?
  3. Will everyone actively support the decision? (Can you identify behaviors that support the decision?)


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